It's Time To WIN!


When I WIN

As your State Representative I hope to work hard and smart for YOU, to improve our community, help lower our Taxes, and  I plan on helping to prepare people of all ages for better jobs so they can make more money and improve their quality of life.

Helping people to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to get a better job is so important to our economy but it is even more important to our families.  There is a higher quality of living out there waiting for our people to grab it.  I want to show you how to get there.

 Our Community is such a special and unique community.  We are culturally diverse which makes us strong. 
Your opinion is important to me and I plan to do my best to hear what you have to say.



 ​I will represent ALL of the people of District 70, not just my party or those that support me.  I will give everyone my best effort everyday.

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The Capitol is waiting for a change


Lower Tax  Rates and 
a Balanced Budget

Employment Education & Skills Developement

Lower Taxes should be a goal of any Elected Official.  Common Sense Spending is a key to keeping taxes low and balancing a budget.  I am very aware that while there are plans to increase Property Taxes , Seniors on Social Security do NOT get an increase this year.  THIS IS WRONG!  Many Seniors live on a shoestring budget and are in fear as to what will happen to them.  This is an abomination and MUST be addressed. 
I believe, that getting more skills, more education, and  getting certified & qualified for a better job will build a stronger economy and better yet, strong families. We must build excitement and inspire people to make dreams come true.  To set the bar higher and go for it.  Winning is something that I am used to doing.  Once you learn the skills to win, you apply that to all aspects of life and accept nothing less than winning. 

Community Involvement from Youth through Seniors

Improved traffic management

There are a lot of planned projects to improve Traffic Flow ongoing in our area and thus, there can be some delays, especially during the Rush Hours.  When these projects are finished, getting around should be quick and efficient.  Until then, it is important to plan ahead, leave a little sooner, and consider alternate routes.  When I get in office, I will push that these projects stay on schedule if not sooner and on budget.  Your opinion is important to me, please share your suggestions and experiences.  Improvement is always a goal.
If we don't provide positive and productive activities and programs for our youth, the streets will.  We can't let the streets win.  Our Seniors have worked hard their entire lives and they MUST be taken well care of in their golden years.  There are a number of programs that CAN DO MORE and I will be a front runner to get this done.  Overall, our families need to be encouraged to spend time together and grow stronger than ever.  Family Activties give memories to last a lifetime and lessons to last as well.  Look for more Family Based Activities of all types to be available along with the facilities in our area.